Folks, we'll be honest: It's been a tremendous first year at CHEAP POP, and we thank you all—readers and contributors and everyone in-between—for helping to make this all so wonderful. You've embraced us (thanks, Internet!), and we're so proud of the quality pieces we've been able to bring you in 2014.

That being said, we do hope you'll pardon us as CHEAP POP takes an oh-so-quick break from December 15 - January 18 so we can retool, refresh...all that jazz. And not to tell you what to do, but this is a perfect time to gather/write/edit your submissions to us!

We will still have stories the first two weeks of December, and then we'll be back on Tuesday, January 20, 2015, for the rest of the year.

Deal? Deal. And really looking forward to another year of wonderful micro-fiction. Thanks, again, to you all for supporting this endeavor.

Elizabeth + Rob