As is becoming a tradition, we’ve decided to give ourselves a break this summer—don’t judge us...we’re human beings!—so we can re-tool, rest, re-calibrate, re-up, re...everything! 

So: We won’t be posting stories throughout June and July, and we’ll be returning with a new story on Tuesday, August 2. Starting then, new stories new stories new stories (until our mandated winter break, that is).

To that end, as well, we’ll be closing subs on MAY 31. So get your pieces in WHILE YOU CAN, y’all.

FAQs? We got your FAQs!

Will we still be posting stories in May?
Yup! We have pieces set for the rest of the month (and they are gooooood).

What if I submit before the break/submissions close / what if I submitted already?
We’ll evaluate all submissions currently in our inbox, and anything coming in by May 31. We’ll be accepting pieces over our summer break, and slotting in pieces for August onward.

What if I submit after May 31?
Well, you shouldn’t. Submissions will be closed. So…just don’t.

Thanks, all, for supporting us. So much good stuff coming. Hang tight.

Rob + Elizabeth + Hannah