Hello, friends!

We had a heckuva Season 1 and 2 in 2018, and we hope you were able to follow along.

We’re excited to announce that SUBMISSIONS will be open for the month of NOVEMBER 2018. We will be actively reading for Season 1 of 2019—these pieces will run mid-January through the end of March and/or into April 2019.

(As always, for more information on what we're looking for, or how to submit—when we're open!—please check out our submissions page.)

Additionally, we’re doing something a little different this time: For the month of November 2018, you have the option of

(1) a regular submissions, or
(2) you can submit + SHOW PROOF OF A DONATION (to one of the charities below in any amount). With proof of donation (a screenshot of the receipt or email confirmation), we will provide feedback in the event your piece is not accepted for publication.


We all feel very strongly about these charities, and as the saying goes: Any amount helps at all.

Please note: We will not respond (accept/reject) pieces until after a submissions period is closed. You are free to query us, but our method is to read every piece we get, even ones submitted at 11:59 PM on the last day. It's important to us that every piece gets the same care and attention. This also means we generally need a small buffer of time after submissions close to read and gauge pieces.

We’re excited to read your work! For additional info, click here!

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